Tuesday 11 February

8:00 Registration
Session 5
5A: Olive Oils 5B: Analytical Methods and Standards 5C: Oxidation
Room Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6 Meeting Room C2.4 Meeting Room C2.1
Chair Marie Wong, Massey University NZ
& Claudia Guillaume, Modern Olives
Véronique J. Barthet, Grain Research Laboratory
& Richard Cantrill
Amy Logan, CSIRO
& Kazou Miyashita, Hokkaido University
9:00 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a fat like no other.
Leandro Ravetti
Modern Olives, Australia
The importance of interlaboratory studies for the validation of analytical methods.
Florence Lacoste
Instit des Corps Gras, France
The prooxidative and antioxidative role of phospholipids in different food.
Eric Decker
University of Massachusetts, USA
9:30 An investigation of New Zealand extra virgin oil for use in frying.
Marie Wong
Massey University, New Zealand
NMR analysis as a tool to ensure authenticity of lipids.
Torben Kuechler
Eurofins Analytik Gmbh, Germany
Impact of ratios of polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids on oxidation kinetics in oil/water emulsions.
Mitchell Culler
University Of Massachusetts, USA
9:50 Evaluation of chemical changes in potato chips, chicken nuggets and broccoli after deep frying with extra virgin olive oil, canola and grapeseed oils.
Ana De Alzaa
Modern Olives, Australia
Nature-inspired protein−phenolic compounds conjugates for enhancing antioxidant capability.
Bingcan Chen
North Dakota State University, USA
10:10 Olive oil and climate change
Jaime Lillo
International Olive Council
Oxidation of fish oil and its effective prevention.
Kazou Miyashita
Hokkaido University, Japan
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 6
6A: Specific Oils | Olive Session 6B: Analytical Methods and Standards 6C: Food Structure
Room Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6 Meeting Room C2.4 Meeting Room C2.1
Chair Leandro Ravetti, Modern Olives
& Greg Seymour, Australian Olive Association
Matt Taylor, CSIRO
& Jacqui Adcock, Deakin University
Bingcan Chen, North Dakota State University
& Amy Logan, CSIRO
11:00 Olive oil, refined: a new food chemicals Codex Identity Standard and future FCC tools to mitigate olive oil fraud.
Gina Clapper
Food Chemicals Codex, US Pharmacopeia, USA
Quantification of furan fatty acids by LC-MS/MS and their identification in New Zealand marine oils.
Donato Romanazzi
Cawthron Institute, New Zealand
Structure formation in oleic acid - sodium oleate based oleogels.
Elliot Gilbert
ANSTO, Australia
11:20 Detection of soft deodorized oils in virgin olive oils through diacylglycerol determination and its relationship with the free acidity.
Wenceslao Moreda
Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC), Spain
Analysis of Acylglycerols in Edible Oils by Gas Chromatography Using a Unique Stationary Phase
Joe Konschnik
Restek Corporation
Oleogels – from scientific feasibility to applicability.
Eckhard Floeter
Tu Berlin, Germany
11:40 Fatty acids methyl esters (cis and trans) and squalene determination by Gas Chromatography.
Claudia Guillaume
Modern Olives, Australia
A single high-resolution mass spectrometry platform for targeted and untargeted lipid analysis revealed discovery of novel lipids in barley roots response to salt stress.
Thusitha Rupasinghe
Metabolomics Australia, Australia
Crystallization and melting behavior of pure phytosterol esters and their phase behavior in blends with palm oil.
Imogen Foubert
Ku Leuven, Belgium
12:00 Detection of adulterated virgin olive oil.
Christian Gertz
Maxfry GmnH, Germany

Followed by
In conversation with Christian Gertz and Rod Mailer.
Moderated by Greg Seymour
Langmuir monolayer properties of binary system of apolar gemini amphiphiles with DPPC.
Osamu Shibata
Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo
Organic Coconut MCT as excellent dietary oil for food application
Robert Basker
GSI Worldwide
12:20 Optimization of 1D 31P quantitative NMR for marine n-3 phospholipids
Mirja Kaizer Ahmmed
University of Otago, New Zealand
New insights on the importance of minor components and oil properties for oleogel strength.
Maria Scharfe
Technical University Berlin, Germany
12:40 - 13:30 Lunch
Session 7
7A: Palm Oil 7B: Analytical Methods and Standards 7C: Food Structure, Polar lipids and Nutrition
Room Meeting Room C2.4 Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6 Meeting Room C2.1
Chair Mahinda Abeywardena, CSIRO
& Lucky Intrussi, Bunge Oils
Dagmar Behmer, Bruker
& Kirill Lagutin, Callaghan Insistute
Jiajia Rao, North Dakota State University
& Harsh Raman, NSW Department of Primary Industry
13:30 An overview of mitigation approaches for the reduction of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) and glycidyl esters in palm oil.
Chin Ping Tan
Universiti Putra Malayasia, Malaysia
FT-NIR analysis of marine oils for individual omega-3s and oxidation status.
Dagmar Behmer
Bruker Optik Gmbh, Germany
Chemical, physical and functional characteristics of rapeseed oil based oleogels and their application in bakery products.
Bertrand Matthäus
Max Rubner-Institut, Germany
14:00 Surging global demand for health and wellness products: emerging prospects for palm-based bioactives.
Mahinda Abeywardena
CSIRO, Australia
New method to determine the lipid content of NZ aquaculture species by near infrared spectroscopy.
Matt Miller
Cawthron Institute, New Zealand
Triglyceride crystallisation model based on fatty acid interaction coefficients.
Rasmus Leth Miller
Dupont, Denmark
14:20 Embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs): perspective of the Malaysian oil palm industry.
Aznizan Nik Ibrahim
Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia
Milk sphingomyelin interactions with cholesterol in binary mixtures.
Patrick Tai
Riddet Institute, New Zealand
14:40 Biotechnological efforts towards the continuous sustainable development of the oil palm industry.
Mohamad Arif Abd Manaf
Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia
1H-13C HSQC NMR lipids database – development and applications.
Mikhail Vyssotski
Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand
15:00 Stability of palm-based vitamin E in functional foods (chewable tablet and granola bar).
Noor Lida Habi Mat Dian
Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia
Handheld Raman spectroscopy for quality control/assurance of intact fish oil capsules
Daniel Killeen
Plant & Food Research, New Zealand
Encapsulated hemp oil and oxidation
Jiajia Rao
North Dakota State University, USA
15:20 Break
Session 8
8A: Palm Oil 8B: Nutrition 8C: Encapsulation and Oxidation
Room Meeting Room C2.4 Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6 Meeting Room C2.1
Chair Chin Ping Tan, Universiti Putra Malayasia
& Lucky Inturrisi
Welma Stonehouse, CSIRO
& Samaneh Ghasemi Fard, Nu-Mega Ingrediants
Matt Miller, Cawthron Institute & Eric Decker University of Massachusetts
15:40 Malaysian oil palm industry: enhancing competitiveness in meeting global challenges.
Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir
Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia
Erythrocyte membrane fatty acid levels in an Australian cohort of people on dialysis: a comparative study.
Lauren Roach
University of Wollongong, Australia
Novel enzymatic methods for remediating toxic lipid peroxides
Steve Hodgkinson
Synthase Biotech Ltd, New Zealand
16:00 Fractionation of palm oil: towards a continuous process.
Miro Kirimlidou
Technical University Berlin, Germany
De-hulling as a strategy to maintain concentrations of health promoting bioactives while reducing concentrations of anti-nutrients in flaxseed.
Heather Blewett
Agriculture And Agri-food Canada, Canada
Evaluation of OXITEST oxidation test reactor for monitoring oil quality.
Dawn Scott
Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand
16:20 Opportunity and challenges for the utilization of palm oil co-products.
Prakash Adhikari
Mewah-Oils SDN BHD, Malaysia
Single nucleotide polymorphism and sex-dependent differences in carbon-13 natural abundance of plasma fatty acids upon EPA and DHA supplementation.
Adam Metherel
University of Toronto, Canada
A novel microencapsulated emulsifier to improve the stability of protein-stabilised emulsions.
Chia Chun Loi
University of Otago, New Zealand
16:40 Non-immobilized lipase CalB: Hydrolysis of palm fatty acid distillate and its effects on the tocols contents
Doan Ngoc Phuong Anh
Monash University Malaysia
Gut mucosal proteins and bacteriome are shaped by the saturation index of dietary lipids.
Deanna Gibson
University of British Columbia, Canada
Characterization of thermal and structural behaviour of high DHA fish oil with milkfat in spray chilling condition.
Mitra Nosratpour
Monash University, Australia
17:00 Linoleate accumulation evokes pro-inflammatory responses independent of arachidonic acid in macrophages.
Sanjoy Ghosh
University of British Columbia, Canada
Formation and functionality of soluble and insoluble complexes between pea protein isolate and pectins.
Jiajia Rao
North Dakota State University, USA
17:30 - 18:30 AAOCS AGM
Meeting Room C2.4
19:00 - 23:00 Congress Celebration