Wednesday 12 February

8:00 Registration
Session 9
9A: Biotechnology 9B: Processing / Industrial Applications 9C: Plant Protein & Animal Nutrition
Room Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6 Meeting Room C2.4 Meeting Room C2.1
Chair Allan Green, CSIRO
& Surinder Singh, CSIRO
Darren Litle, Arisdyne Systems
& Rothman Kam, Auckland University of Technology
Nick Goddard, AOF
& Søren Krogh Jensen, Aarhus University
9:00 2019 AAOCS Award of Scientific Excellence in Lipid Research
Presentation of the award to Dr Surinder Singh from CSIRO

Development of a Brassica napus (canola) crop with fish oil-like levels of DHA in the seed oil.
Surinder Singh
CSIRO, Australia
Enzymatic synthesis and stabilization of lipid ingredients.
Colin Barrow
Deakin University, Australia
Utilizing industrial by-products to feed the growing plant protein market.
Adeola Alashi
University of Manitoba, Canada
9:30 Degumming and neutralization of vegetable oils with hydrodynamic cavitation: a long term CFC™ experience review.
Darren Litle
Arisdyne Systems, Inc, USA
The burgeoning growth in plant proteins- what are the drivers and where is it headed
Joanne Bills
9:50 Leaf oils – a potential game changer for oil production.
Thomas Vanhercke
CSIRO, Australia
Megasonic technology for aqueous-based recovery of canola oil in cake and improved refining.
Peter Mansour
CSIRO, Australia
Adding value to canola meal: preparation of high protein meals.
Siong Tan
Charles Sturt University
10:10 Microalgae as a platform for the production of novel triglyceride and biopolymer feedstocks.
Scott Franklin
Checkerspot, USA
Survey on the Content of MOSH and MOAH in vegetable Oils
Wenceslao Moreda
Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC), Sevilla, Spain
Innovation in oils and fats for flavour emulation in plant-based meat substitutes.
Nick Hazell
V2 Foods, Australia
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 10
10A: Biotechnology 10B: Processing / Industrial Applications/ rapid analytical tools 10C: Plant Protein & Animal Nutrition
Room Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6 Meeting Room C2.4 Meeting Room C2.1
Chair Colin Barrow, Deakin University
& Jay Shockey, USDA-ARS
Peter Mansour, CSIRO
& Casimir Akoh, University of Georgia
Adeola Alashi, University of Manitoba
& Denis M'Gee, Magi Solutions
11:00 Using CRISPR/Cas9 and other molecular tools to create lipid mutant plant lines with altered metabolic flux.
Jay Shockey
USDA-ARS, United States
Lipase-assisted production of structured lipids as food ingredients and their applications
Casimir Akoh
University of Georgia
Quality requirements and the role of canola in a world with increasing demand for protein.
Søren Krogh Jensen
Aarhus University, Denmark
11:20 Versatile high throughput plant genetic screening.
Benjamin Pouvreau
CSIRO, Australia
Influence of fruit maturity and processing variables on cold-pressed avocado oil yield.
Marie Wong
Massey University, New Zealand
Omega-3 canola oil: a novel safe dietary source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for juvenile Atlantic salmon.
Cedric Simon
CSIRO, Australia
11:40 Biosynthesis of novel lipid mediators of inflammation using lipoxygenase enzymes.
Jacqui Adcock
Deakin University, Australia
Piloting of the ethanolic mild extraction of dehulled rapeseed.
Fabian Steffler
Fraunhofer CBP, Germany
High value alternative proteins
Trine Kastrup Dalsgaard
Aarhus University
12:00 Developing the potential of New Zealand marine resources for the extraction of bioactive compounds.
Donato Romanazzi
Cawthron Institute, New Zealand
The power of Controlled Flow Cavitation (CFC™) to reduce operating costs and improve the quality of biofuels.
Darren Litle
Arisdyne Systems, Inc., USA
Supercritical extraction and size fractionation for the production of high-quality protein products.
Campbell Ellison
Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand
12:20 Tuning desirable lipids profile in a microalgae for producing high-value bioactives and biofuels.
Munish Puri
Flinders University, Australia
Considerations for a successful implementation of FT-NIR spectroscopy in the oils and oilseed industry
David Marston
Bruker, New Zealand
Use of Novel Oils and Fats in Petfoods
Denis M'Gee
12:40 Synthesis of monomers and biopolymers from renewable lipids.
Aman Ullah
University of Alberta, Canada
FT-Raman and FT-IR spectroscopy for quantitative analysis of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin in commercial krill oils
Fatema Ahmmed
University of Otago, New Zealand
The nutritional characteristics of canola meals produced from canola grown under Australian Conditions
Richard Meyer & Jamie Ayton
NSW Department of Primary Industries
13:00 - 13:30 Break
13:30 Keynote Closing Session - Rod Mailer Chair
Room Meeting Room C2.5 - C2.6
13:30 Future Health - Fasting to Beat Obesity: If Fats, Which Ones?
Katherine Samaras
Garvan Institute, Australia
14:10 Future Climate - Meeting the climate change challenge
Annette Cowie
DPI NSW, Australia
14:50 Future Oil - Rethinking oil production systems
Allan Green
15:30 Closing Remarks
Rod Mailer, Chair WCOF 2020
16:00 - 17:00 ISF Executive Meeting
Meeting Room C2.4